The actual content of this site is a work in progress (check out my sandbox)

In the meantime please enjoy this list of links I have found looking for visual inspiration

Sites I love



Yesterweb (Also a lot of links!)

entrance or exit (virtual art gallery)

Cinni's Dream Home

Moonview's Pokemon shrine (but the rest is good too)

The Ruins of AOL (from invisibleup)

old computers

castle cyber skull

Sites that have dealt me psychic damage

Fort Wayne 1998, Fort Wayne forever


Random 4chan images from 2008 or earlier

the hair

Search Engines and pages that send you to a random site

The Old Net

Wiby (old net search, "suprise me" is fun)

Curlie (is the largest human-edited directory of the Web)

Retronaut webpage - random site


Aggregators, pages with tons of links

Tools and links from spacehey

l i n k s

whimsical.club (links)

Terra (links)

Peelo Paalu link directory

maya.land blogroll (but also the rest of the site is good)

Yesterweb link directory

Gossip’s Web - the directory of handmade webpages

Weird Wide Webring

neocities neighborhoods

Low tech webring directory

links from decenterist

JAUP - lots of links

lolwut's links

lizzy's cool links


Tools and Resources

tools built by sadgrl online - button maker, quiz maker, etc

Furby Autopsy (for an unrelated project)

usenet client

glitter graphics

Last update: 11/17/2021